What is business protection?

It assists to add protection to the business of your client like if a partner, member, director, or some key employee suffers from some critical illness and death. With such financial protection, it is important to let businesses recover fast and reduce the effect that would have been worst.

Regardless of if the business is small or large, it will likely face something uncertain sometime. However, your customers can lower their risk if they plan.

Platinum Financial will help you to understand the importance of business protection that can aid in ensuring your business’ financial health for the long term during challenging circumstances.

Whole of Life Cover
Key person insurance

It is the life or disability insurance that any business carries upon its core employees. So if the key person becomes disabled or dies, this insurance policy will pay the business to assist in replacing them.

Co-director insurance

It is life insurance that is business-specific. It will offer compensation to all shareholders of an organization. If any director dies then a bulk amount will get released allowing any surviving director to purchase shares of the dead person from the closest relative.

Corporate co-director insurance

With corporate co-director insurance from Platinum Financial will be letting the company purchase the share of a director from their next generation if there is the sudden loss of their direction may be through death or illness.

Partnership insurance

A lot of business partnerships are dependent on many years of collaboration, friendship, and mutual support. A partner’s death can be very distressing and create a traumatic experience for people involved. Due to this the partnership’s financial stability and security may be jeopardized. The other partners will be compelled to pay some capital amount for compensating any deceased estate for their stake in their partnership.

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Lowest cost guaranteed

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Super fast approval

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97% payout rate

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