Pension Property

Why pension property?

From as little as €150,000 in a private pension fund you could avail of the generous tax benefits of purchasing an investment property through your pension.

Unlike purchasing an investment property privately, when purchased through a Small Self-Administered Scheme you will receive all rental income completely tax free and no Capital Gains Tax on disposal of the property.

How does it work

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Pension Property

Investment property sourcing & acquisition

Our acquisitions team has a deep understanding of local, regional, and national property markets as well as an extensive network of architects, agents, solicitors, developers, and investors. This allows us to source deals outside of the traditional channels through exclusive off-market access to investment opportunities.

Social housing advisory

Our senior PSRA licensed property consultant, Darren Campbell has extensive experience in the social housing sector having successfully delivered many hundreds of units to private investors, property funds, and personal and institutional pension clients. With our in-depth knowledge of this sector, we can guide you through the various options available when dealing with Local Authorities & AHBs such as turnkey developments, sale, or leasing arrangements.

Pension Property
Pension Property

Pension (unit trust) mortgages

Our in house mortgage team headed up by David Dunne are specialists in providing pension investors with flexible and tax efficient Buy-to Let property related transactions through a number of niche lenders. These exclusive niche lenders will fund the acquisition of properties when purchased by Small Self-Administered Pension (SSAP) investors: 

Pension mortgages have a number of features and benefits such as:

Non-recourse lending
5 to 15 year term with capital and Interest options
Up to 50% loan to value
Mortgage amounts from €40,000 to €500,000
Minimum property values from €100,000 with no maximum property value

What is pension property?

Pension property is one of the unique opportunities to do more with your retirement fund. Our pension experts use their extensive knowledge to enhance the value of your existing retirement plan as it comes with extra tax reliefs. 

The pension property plan allows you to make a worthy investment of your pension directly into any form of property. Which provides it with the immunity to income tax, capital gains tax or inheritance tax.

Pension Property
Pension Property

Key benefits of pension property

Assures long-term rental income
Rental income during pension is tax-free
Additional tax reliefs
No income tax returns on the property
No capital gains taxes
A consistent source of income in retirement

Why choose us?

Reasons are endless just like your saving still we would like to highlight a few:

Range & services offered

Our proven full ranges of services are unrivalled choices when it comes to pension plans.

Trusted guidance

A cumulative 14 plus years of experience with our adept experts will help you make rational quality decisions while eliminating all the mistakes.

Written proposals

With everything provided in written along with proper documentation, our processes are totally transparent to make sure that you know what you’re doing.

Best prices

Best charges for the best pension services while providing the best savings all of them at the same place.

A simple assessment process

Pensions are complicated. We make them simple.

Complete our Fast Track Assessment to find out if you qualify

Smart online assessment

Complete our Fast Track Assessment to find out if you qualify
Speak with a pension broker and understand your options

Pension consultation

Speak with a pension broker and understand your options
Start compounding your personal wealth with minimal taxation

Build personal wealth

Start compounding your personal wealth with minimal taxation
Pension Property

Let us find better way forward of your existing pensions:

With our trusted certified consultants you can expect to reach your goals in the desired time. Our consultants will review your existing pensions to help you save more over the same period of time with a sole purpose of improving your savings portfolio.

Better savings
Moderate charges
Comprehensive planning
Financial consulting
Transparent fees
Holistic control over investment
Broad range fund choices

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Pension Property
Pension Property
Pension Property
Pension Property

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