What Is a structured investment products (SIPs)?

These are investments that fulfil certain needs of investors with a personalized product mix. They typically include derivatives use. They are frequently created by the investment banks for organizations, hedge funds, and the retail customer mass market.

They are different from a systematic investment plan where investors pay regularly and equally into mutual funds, retirement, or trading account to enjoy an advantage from the long-term benefits of the dollar-cost averaging.

Structured Investments

Key features structured investments

€10,000 is the minimum investment.
It is an investment tool with low risk.
The strategy of dual asset management aims at generating strong returns in a huge range of market conditions
Daily redeemable at the investor and issuer’s option
With everyday pricing and liquidity, the investment is open-ended.
The investment term is not fixed and encashment penalties are not early
Having the only feature of capital protection makes sure at least the repayment of 85% of the highest NAV is achieved.
Structured Investments

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