What is savings plan?

At Platinum Financial we know that what you will be doing today will be creating what will be possible tomorrow. So a sensible savings plan will come in which will assist you in achieving your vital financial goals like paying fees for college, purchasing the first home, assisting your children to get on any property ladder or having some fund security.

It is an investment tool that will offer a great way of saving each month through direct debit to assist you in achieving your financial goals of long-term.


Benefit from a savings & investments review

It will give you a complete overview of your current objectives of savings
A full risk profile questionnaire completion for assessing all tolerance of risk in comparison to the rating of risk of your current savings or investment plans.
Assessing charges and fees along with their impact on the savings and investment funds.
Assessing your current savings and investment plans to reduce tax liability on the growth of an investment.

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