What is investment philosophy?

It is a set of principles and beliefs that will guide any decision-making procedure of an investor. It is never a narrow rule set or set of laws, but highly guidelines or strategies set that will be taking into account an individual’s goal, tolerance of risk, timeline, and expectations.

Platinum Investment Philosophy

Types of investment philosophies

Value investing

It includes purchasing stocks that any investor feels are priced low on the expectation they will be significantly rising.

Fundamental analysis

It depends to identify companies with potential earning prospects.

Growth investing

Here investors purchase shares of some newer organizations that generate sales that are above average and growth in earnings with the hopes of rising prices of stock.

Socially responsible investing

It focuses to invest in companies whose practices will align with the values of any investor because they will pertain to the impact of the company on the society and environment. SRI is often known to be ESG investing.

Technical analysis

It depends on the past market data’s examination for uncovering hallmark visual patterns in the activity of trading on which you must base purchase or sell decisions.

Contrarian investing

It goes usually in the other direction of the crowd. These investors feel that the market is wrong at both the extreme highs and lows, selling into the rallies and purchasing when markets will tumble.

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