What is income protection insurance?

It enables you to stay financially stable even if you do not have an income given your sickness or injury. It is an insurance policy that would assist you financially incase you are unable to work due to illness or injury. It protects the lifestyle of you and your family against arising financial circumstances due to loss of income. 

Financial protection for family 

When the income of a person who has dependants suddenly stops due to illness or accident, it becomes hard for the family to pay for the ongoing household expenses. The income protection would aid the family financially to continue paying for these expenses.  

Increase cover with increase in income

Career growth is inevitable as you gain experience and expertise. With a Free guaranteed increase option on our most popular plan, you are offered the option to increase your cover by 20% every three years.

Why you need income
protection insurance?

The only thing that you never wish for your family is to struggle with continuing their current lifestyle. Life is too uncertain, why stress over it when you can fully embrace the uncertainty with the right insurance in place for uncertain times.


Do not let your family suffer from the burden of daily expenditure and ongoing expenses like mortgages and loans if your income suddenly stops.

Income Protection

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Lowest cost guaranteed

Lowest cost guaranteed

Super fast approval

Super fast approval

97% payout rate

97% payout rate

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